About Us

Our mission is to become the all-in-one dealer fleet management platform

Through automation and advanced software design, Logitrac has become the forefront of dealer fleet management technology.  We continue to raise the bar each and every day.

A Great Story Starts 
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A great story starts with a great team

From our best in class support team, to some of the most advanced developers on the planet, Logitrac's platform strength and ability to grow is only as strong as our employees.

Our Values

Strong values that bring great people together

Through our passion and innovation, Logitrac has developed a unique approach to customers and satisfaction by listening, being efficient, and understanding the goals we strive to meet.


Through innovation, Logitrac strives to deliver the future by discovery and understanding customers needs.


We value teamwork as a highest priority to keep the core of Logitrac strong and moving forward together.


Being efficient is a strong asset in the software world allowing Logitrac to stay ahead of the competition.


Every employee at Logitrac treats customers like this is their own.  Each one of us value our platform and helping customers.


Passion drives our platform into the future with advanced technology and always wanting to be on the forefront of new enhancements.


Through our innovation and efficiency, Logitrac strives to grow and continue to expand the platform to continually help dealers.


Being efficient and fast can sometimes downgrade quality, but at Logitrac, this is one of our strengths with rigorous testing.


Together we can accomplish anything, and by being open we know that customers know their issues best, so we will always listen.

Our Office

Our assets are all over the world,come connect with us

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Dallas, TX

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3900 S. Stonebridge Dr. Ste 1303McKinney, TX  75070
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