Why Lot Management & Finance is the ultimate retention factor

Logitrac offers an advanced solution that can be hardware free live GPS tracking 24/7 along with selling our tracking solution through finance.

24/7 Live GPS Tracking

Easily locate and monitor vehicles on or off site. With real-time reporting that displays locations down to specific parking spaces and movement tracking that records driving patterns when in a customer’s possession, you can now locate all assets at any given time.

Locations consistently update every few seconds to provide 24/7 visibility.

• Auto Inventory Loading

• Full Visibility

• Vehicle Vitals

• Test Drive Share


Our features

Instant Alerts
Automated alerts create instant notifications of fleet-related occurences based upon a variety of triggers such as movement, incidents, maintenance, and more.

We provide you with customization tools to control how these alerts are delivered.
Never lose oversight of any vehicle no matter where it is located. With the ability to establish multiple geofences, our platform allows you to stay in control and receive notifications for all connected vehicles across a number of lots.
Intelligent, quick-acting geofence designs eliminate the prohibitive boundaries between fleet and management.
Automated Reporting
Through the years, we have developed a number of pre-designed reports that are commonly used in inventory processes. Our platform collects and displays all inventory-specific information for all vehicles on the lot.

Reporting can be automated and exported for precise timing.
Logitrac Builds Opportunities To
Streamline Your Process
Introduce Automation
Eliminate manual work with smart technology and detailed reporting that allows you to prioritize what you should be focused on – the actual inventory.
Safeguard Assets
Increase Protection
Deter theft and promote proper management techniques with a combination of features that keep you connected with your fleet at all times.
Streamline Your Process
Full Visibility
Leverage real-time GPS tracking and detailed vehicle data capturing to gain a complete, multi-faceted perspective of your fleet.